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New Aircrafts

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All Carbon Fibre Best Ever Aerobatic Aircraft
الوكلاء الوحيدون في الشرق الأوسط وتركيا
Sole-Agenten im Nahen Osten und die Turkei
Agents exclusifs au Moyen-Orient et de la Turquie
Agentes exclusivos en el Oriente Medio y Turquia
Türkiye özel ajansı

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Contact us to reserve yours now !

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Cockpit Standard or Leather
Optional Extra

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Cockpit Standard or Leather
Optional Extra

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XtremeAir XA 41, XA 42

All Carbon fibre aerobatic and sport airoblane, a Formula 1 type of aerobatic aircraft. XA 41 and XA 42 the only two certified aerobatic aircraft in unlimited competition worldwide. Powered by the most reliable most tried and tested six-cylinder Lycoming engine, pulling up 10g, 450 degree roll rate per second, a Top Gun flying beast. XtremeAir is renowned globally and its aircraft are used by some of the world’s leading aerobatic teams.