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Military and Civilan Flying Jackets and Bags

World Best Personalized custom made leather Jackets and Bags since 1960 for modern military commanders and civilian pilots, indorsed by top US Generals and top British RAF Pilots.

Aerobatic and Advanced Pilot Training

We provide the best Aerobatic training in the world by World Champions in the UK, Germany or in your own country.

We also provide advanced pilot training. such as the must have Multi Crew Cooperation Course (MCC).


Gulf Aerobatic is XtremeAir GmbH Official Exclusive Main Agent for the entire Middle East including Turkey. Excellent customer and after market care. With our free project management you will have a dedicated and qualified Project Manager, a single contact for continuous update from order to handover and beyond. We offer free advice and technical training for your engineers to maintain your own aircraft. We supply spare parts and all your flying needs, just sent us your requirement.

Hand painted Art Work

Your personal Tattoo on your jaket that lasts the life time of your jaket


Aerobatic training

Advanced Training

Formation Flying Courses

Stall Spin Awareness TrainingHigh Alpha Management & Training LOX-1JOC/MCC Combined Course MCC-Multi Crew Cooperation.

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Hove BN3 8GY, UK
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